Monday 2 January 2012

Tell Me, Where Is Fancy Bread?

Wrote the Bard, in the Merchant of Venice [or something like that]Well, I purchased some ‘fancy bread’ in Morrisons on Friday.


Now admittedly, I grabbed it in a hurry, as it was reduced in price. But I did read the few words on the front - perfect for sharing…serves 6and I figured the picture shows nine pieces so that seemed good value [66p]for some tasty Italian bread…

In the car going back to Cornerstones, Bob asked what was in the box, as it had felt quite light when he was packing the bag at the checkout. I assured him it was a complete mix, all I needed was to add water. [He is a serious bread-baker and eschews such short cuts] And, I said, it was cheaper than buying a focaccia, or assembling the ingredients from scratch, because it had been reduced. When I got home, I checked the back of the packet.


Spread dough onto baking tray [approx 13cm square]

Do you realise how small that is? The average saucer measures around 15cm in diameter. From Q to U on my keyboard is 13cm. The box the bread mix comes in measures 14cm. If I make this up as per instructions, I will get a bread roll – certainly not something to share generously between six people! The photo on the front shows the bread cut into nine pieces, but I didn’t realise they were each about the size of a large postage stamp.

I have written to Morrisons, telling them I think  the front of their packet is misleading and I would like my money back. I have even written my letter in a space 13cm square!


Tell me

Where is fancy bread?

Or in the heart

Or in the head?

How begot?

How nourished?

Reply! Reply!

I shall let you know if and when Morrisons reply!


  1. You should make the bread, and then show us a photo of what Morrisons consider to be an appropriate portion (divided amongst six, obviously!)

  2. Oh my Morrison's world 'A pound of flesh' would just about weigh 2oz!
    Jane x

  3. That does seem ridiculously small for 6, I wonder what it makes up to, please make it and let us see the pics!


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