Saturday 14 January 2012

The Thrill Of What You Already Have #1

Floss has suggested [here] a new blog-event for 2012.

The Thrill of What You Already Have

It was inspired by a comment from Carolyn [Mess Muddle and Fun] on a post Floss did in the Autumn about not buying new, but rediscovering the old things we own but had forgotten about

"I think this is an excellent idea, esp as it not only encourages us to be content, to be happy, to appreciate and enjoy what we have; but it will also encourage us to look for things we had forgotten, to tidy out those cupboards, to reclaim old forgotten loves."

Each month, Floss is giving us a picture to inspire us, and we will see what happens! She is using her Scottish Rail Tourism Poster Calendar. So here’s her first offering


The poster in shades of blue and browns had reminded me of some pottery I had in the cupboards.

I reduced this picture to a colour swatch palette.

OK, confession, I badgered Bob into showing me how to do this. He patiently showed me, and I worked away for ages till I got a result.

Here is my swatch.



And here are the items I found in the cupboards


The two pieces on the left came from Crail Pottery in Scotland [mementoes of two ‘interesting’ holidays in St Andrews – I have no experience of holidays in Dunfermline]

The deep blue jug and bowl and the terracotta ‘olives’ dish were gifts the girls bought back for me from holidays in Spain.

The blue glass bowl and the pale blue/beige jug – I am sorry, I cannot remember where they came from {i suspect they were gifts from the girls too] The jug on the extreme right is one of my Hornsea Cornrose Wedding Gifts. And my new Willow Tree Angel – Blessings! – seemed to fit perfectly right in the middle of the display.

I love all these pieces – their shapes, colours, and surface textures.

I do love jugs and bowls, and although most of the meals I prepare are for just two of us, I like to use lots of serving dishes rather than simply put two ‘loaded’ plates on the table. It does mean more washing up – but it makes an ‘ordinary’ midweek meal feel more special. [Candles and dimmed lights help do that too- but if I overdo them, it makes Bob suspect I am disguising burnt offerings]

Looking forward to more inspiration and thrills from others sharing this blog event! Thanks again Floss, for inspiring us.


  1. Agree with this so much. We have packed away so much whilst we do up the house - must keep aware of what we have and what we need.

  2. Found you through Serenati; this is a great little challenge, and I think I'll join in with this theme of being grateful for what we have. I am so blessed (as it looks like you are as well), and we need to remember our times of prosperity just by reviewing all our goodness (and godness) that we have. I will think about this and post later. Thanks for letting me lurk! Nancy

    1. Glad you are joining in the challenge! thanks for the comment

  3. Good idea to rummage through the old stuff and make do.

  4. I love the idea of this challenge and will be joining in too.

    Sft x


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