Thursday 12 January 2012

Attracted? Or Repelled?



This week I have been sporting dark blue fingernails. This is quite unusual for me – but in a crazy mood, one night last week, I decided to paint them with the Wonderwoman Spirit Of Truth stuff Steph gave me last May for my toenails. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality and staying power of this product – it has lasted well over a week with minimal touch ups – almost no chipping. In the past I have only ever had budget stuff – this is obviously a case of ‘you get what you pay for’

But I am beginning to tire of it, and will revert to my normal, natural colour very soon now.[btw never paint your nails without checking beforehand that you already have some remover, in case it proves to be an utter disaster and you need to clean it off instantly!]

bq magnetic paintOver the summer, I was quite baffled to read that the main trend for Autumn Winter 2010/2011 would be ‘Magnetic Nail Varnish’. Was this like the ‘Magnetic Paint’ sold by B&Q ? I wondered

If so, I could not imagine how it would serve any useful purpose as a nail varnish.

The thought of attempting dressmaking, and finding all the pins leaping out of the fabric and attaching themselves to my fingertips was baffling. Then this week Lakota revealed all on her blog. The varnish is not magnetic at all!

The varnish contains iron particles- you hold a magnet over the nail for 10 seconds while it is wet, and these particles are attracted, and form themselves into a pattern. Boots have a helpful video here…

whatever next?

This is one fashion fad I think I shall not be trying! Varnish, French Manicure, Acrylic Nails, Gels…or Au Naturel – what fashion is at your fingertips?


  1. Does terribly bitten and very ridged count as a choice? Perhaps I will be giving up nail-biting for Lent again.It's not something I enjoy, but it is the most difficult thing for me to give up, so a real test. I did it 7 years ago when I worked at the girls' CofE school, and my nails were beautiful - not excessively long, but amazing for someone who has bitten them all her life. My hands didn't look like mine anymore, and J loved the fact that they actually looked nice! Having a whole school full of children checking up on me did make giving up much easier!

  2. Goodness! I'm afraid mine are just plain old nails, that sometimes get a coat of pale varnish.

  3. my nails are a different colour every week - currently gold crackle glaze!

  4. I rarely paint my nails. Thanks for the info on the magnetic varnish!

  5. Varnish for me, but not magnetic. Boots No 7 has good staying power I find. Rimmel do good 60 second dry but it only lasts a day.

  6. Chortle! I guess it could have some advantages, maybe you could just paint the nail on your little finger and use it as a pin holder?


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