Monday 23 January 2012

We Knead The Dough

Bob declared at the weekend that we may have bought our last bagel. Well, I certainly haven’t bought my last book. I saw this in the Oxfam shop today and caved in on my ‘no more books’ idea.

breadmachine lambert

I have looked at this book before in charity shops, and this time I decided it was worth treating myself.

Many of the breadmaker books I have looked at contain just three or four basic recipes with minor variations.

This one has a wide range of recipes – and very clear instructions.

There is a useful troubleshooting guide at the beginning. For many of the recipes, there are two ‘ingredient lists’ [for a 1lb or 1½lb loaf] There are recipes for basic breads, grain breads, fruit/veg/cheese breads, oven baked goods [just using the breadmaker for the dough function] sourdough breads, sweet breads and holiday breads, breads from round the world, and more…

lavash armenian-flat-breadbaguette

The bagel recipe is very similar to Karen's. But I want to try the lavash  - that’s Armenian flatbread, and the oatmeal walnut bread, and also see how I get on with French baguettes.

If Karen’s costing are correct, and I am sure they are, then a batch of bagels represents a saving of around £1.70 – so making two batches will more than cover the £2.99 spent on the book. I will let you know how I get on.

A brief update on the Morrison’s Foccacia story – they have never replied to my letter, and we thought the bread, made as per packet instructions, was not particularly tasty. But we ate it anyway!


  1. No wonder you caved on the 'no books' decision. This looks absolutely fantastic. My breadmaker came with a booklet that contains quite a lot of good recipes, but I tend to stick to the same few - the sundried tomato bread is delicious, as is the raisin and cinnamon. You have inspired me to try a few more- the peanut butter bread is first on the list!

    1. I like the idea of sun dried tomato bread! Peanut butter bread sounds brilliant - sort of instant sandwiches!

  2. Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by the blog, I have a bread maker. It takes up a bit of space on the work top, but its worth it for the bread. I'm not as adventurous as you such as bagels, which we love.
    PS Bishops's Stortford - I lived there with my family from 1987-1999. It really expanded when Stansted Airport expanded. Its now a really expensive commuter town. I returned about 4 years ago and didnt really like it - changed so much x

    1. Hi Becky, thanks for the info on B/S - I shan't rush back there then!

  3. Hello! have been reading but nt comenting- trying not to ignore domestic activities in lieu of virtual ones! Must try to track down soem scond had copy of this- haven't been using ours- well the one on permanent loan to save Cooking Catherine storing it- since the recipe booklet disappeared into the gloop that you know to be this house! And I do miss it! Am functioning on one Internet basic loaf recipe. All well?

    1. Will email you some recipes when I have a moment, Mags.
      Not many spare moments right now tho!


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