Monday 16 January 2012

World Wide Web

Bob alerted me to this story on the BBC website over the weekend. Arachnophobes look away now

pider silk golden orb

Look at this incredibly intricate weaving

spider silk woven

It is a detail from this cape

spider silk

These are golden orb spiders and they make the most fabulous golden silk. No, I don’t think I could hold one either, let alone two!

Two American textile magnates, Simon Peers and Nicolas Godley, set up a project to harvest the silk from a million spiders


It was then woven [undyed, in its natural golden colour] into this stunning shawl and cape. They have been on display in the American Museum of Natural History, but now have come to the Victoria and Albert Museum for an exhibition [admission free] till June 5th


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  1. I, too, think this is amazing, especially the colour - wonderful! I also like the way the spider has been woven into the design!


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