Saturday 28 January 2012

Initial Reaction

You may remember the hassle we’ve had with the NatWest Bank, who could not accept cheques made out to Bob Almond. The saga continues.

Bob recently received a fee from the Co-op Funeralcare for a service he’s doing next week – but it was made out to “B Almond”


I like the staff at the Co-op –they are always polite and friendly when they ring up, and very helpful and efficient. Not that they advertise with the slogan “The Co-op good with…coffins”

The local ones have recently taken delivery of an amazing new hearse too. [Lead us in thy Triumph to our home above…]

co op rocket trike hearse2

Bob rang them up, thanked them for the cheque but explained the problem – he needed it made out not to “B for Bob” but to “R for Robert”. He called in at the office on Friday to collect the new cheque.

It appears that I am now married to Arthur Robert Almond!!


  1. Our last name is very easy to spell (it just sounds complicated)...I cannot count the times our name has been changed/messed about with...but at least I kept married to the original husband!
    Jane x

  2. that is a neat hearse, not sure I would want it for my funeral though!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. Oh how funny! Bob will just have to adopt a new name.

  4. A dear friend at church arranged her own funeral to save her husband the angst and arrived in a similar hearse - she had us smiling even at the end :)

  5. Is it a case of 'arf being better than none at all?

  6. Someone once rang us and asked for Elsie. Turned out they wanted my husband. Whose initials are... Yes, L C! Also, when he had to write a letter of complaint to Air France, signed Reverend L C Surname, he got a reply addressed to Mr R L C Surname. And the surname is a saga in itself - so many variations caused by mishearing, or people being sure they know how to spell it better than we do!
    Lynn P


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