Thursday 5 January 2012

A Million Housewives…

…except my beanz are usually budget ones!

When we got back from Cornerstones, I started dismantling the tree and packing away the decorations. Bob offered to cook a meal.

“There’s a pizza in the freezer you might like” I said

“What about you?” he said [I never eat cheese]

“Well there’s a lock’n’lock with half a can of leftover beanz to use up. But there isn’t any bread for toast…”

“I’ll find something!” replied my resourceful spouse.

May I present  Bob’s Baked Bean Bowl


He spread a tortilla with a little butter, pressed it into shape in the bowl, then baked it for 10 minutes in the oven alongside his pizza. Steph telephoned as we were about to eat and I raved about it. “Photograph it now before you forget and eat it!” she advised.

It looked and tasted really good.

branston beanzLike many of you, I’ve been doing a Food Audit with all our Christmas leftovers – so expect some more innovative recipes in the near future. And like Froogs, I stocked up in Lidl on Monday with their Branston Beanz at 4 for £1 [if you missed that one, Sainsbury’s are doing them 4 for £1.27 till the end of the month]


  1. Branston beans are the best!

  2. Very resourceful. Great job, Bob!

  3. The bean bowl is impressive!

  4. Not a fan of baked beans..but that presentation is fabulous!
    Jane x

  5. He's great isn't he?
    Jane, just been looking at your homemade bread- that looks so fabulous!

  6. that bean thing really looks gross but,...well yeah...


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