Wednesday 25 January 2012

Oatmeal Walnut Bread–As It Should Be!

Justin case you are wondering, my loaf looked like this


But it should have looked like this


Thank you to Anne over at Feather Stitching for allowing me to print the photograph of her perfect loaf. Anne made it using Marjie’s recipe just as I did, and it obviously worked fine for her.

Thanks to to Anon in Oz, who suggested that the American Tablespoon is considered the equivalent of an English Dessertspoon out there in the Antipodes – which may explain the problem with excessive sugar.

[who are the Podes anyway, and why are people anti them?]


  1. It's easier for me to remember that 5ml is a Canadian tsp...x3 = a Canadian tbsp.
    When I was recently in the UK I made my usual cake recipe (but using UK ingedients) was not up to scratch. Flour and humidity levels all make a difference. My bread turns out slightly differently in summer than it does in winter (humidity levels). Dad used to be a chef (pastry chef was his thing), he said that the best flour without a doubt was Canadian. It wasn't the reason we emigrated!
    Jane x

  2. Hi Angela, Sorry I had a bit of a chuckle! Did it taste okay? I have never made bread and I always think it would be difficult.Like the sound of the oatmeal walnut loaf in principle though!!

  3. it does look good the new loaf of bread,

    Gill in Canada

  4. I agree with Jane--so much affects how a loaf of bread turns out. I have a recipe for an artisan loaf I love, but how long I bake it depends on what time of year I make it. Oh, that silly yeast!



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