Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Granny Knot

Yesterday I went over to see my friend Elisabeth – we have been friends for 30 years, and have many things in common. We sat under the tree in her beautiful garden for very civilised tea and cake. It was apple cake from the Archers’ Cookbook [we are both Ambridge Addicts] recipe here. I only had a small piece though!

DSCF4221Elisabeth is now a granny – can you believe it! her daughter Hannah [I remember Hannah being born!] now has a lovely daughter Phoebe.

When Hannah got married, a few years ago, Elisabeth bought a cream feathery fascinator to wear. She has kindly lent it to me for next month’s wedding [thanks] Collecting it was a good excuse for chat, cuppa and cake.


I’d taken my crochet with me, and intended to sit there working away on my current Granny Project. But the I realised that I’d made an error on one corner – so here’s Elisabeth pulling out the rows to get back to the error – whilst I sat in the other chair winding up the wool. I calculated that we had to dismantle 1000 stitches!

It didn’t matter – the conversation was good, the tea pot seemed bottomless, and the sun was shining. Friendship is a great thing!

However…I have just discovered that the fascinator does not look right at all now I have had my hair cut! Oh dear…


  1. Go headless! Isn't crochet in the sun with tea just the most accomplished thing?! Elisabeth looks most accomplished.

  2. Crochet in the sun is good but it's even better with good friends. What are you making? I'm wearing neither hat or fascinator at the wedding on Friday because I just don't suit either so I went to Accessorize and bought a nice little feather on a hairclip which the hairdresser will afix somewhere on my bonce on Friday morning, hopefullly!If the first waltz is the 'Funky Chicken', I'll be quids in!

  3. A grandmother??? Time has been most kind to Elizabeth!
    Jane x

  4. Hi Angela, had exact same problem with fascinator and hair cut!! Am now hoping it will grow in time for early september.


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