Saturday 28 July 2012

Watch Out Helen Mirren!

Has Craig been ‘Corgi registered’?

She is 86, and frightfully busy – yet she still managed to find time to add this quirkily British contribution to the Opening Ceremony. Well done Ma’am! I don’t ‘do’ sport – but this was worth staying up for.


  1. She didn't appear to enjoy it much maybe she wished she could have watched it at home like us ,and the adviser who suggested that feather thingy is in the Tower as we speak ..Over all it was a marvelous evening ,with some amazing effects music and dance Jan xx

  2. we don't have TV so missed it all...we've tried to watch video clips,but we just get a message informing us that we are not allowed to view this in our country. Once again, it's all about money.
    Jane x

  3. We couldn't believe it when we saw 'Her Madge' acting with James Bond....brilliant stuff.

    We were glued to the box for a whole night, a first for us.

    Sue xx

  4. I thought it was wonderful stuff.They did us as a country proud and the queen took it all in good part didnt she?

  5. I thought this was the greatest of several wonderful touches - wonderful stuff.
    And Rowan Atkinson was great too. I did think Paul McCartney at the end was not quite so good - do you think he'll ever retire?

    Have a good week.

  6. We all stayed up; 25% of us saw it all, and the boys and I have just watched it again on i-Player. Bond and the Queen has been re-watched more than once! What a real sport!

  7. The kids and I watched all night and loved every minute, although my 11 year old was asleep by 1/4 to ten. Queen was great, she is an old lady and it was late at night, I noticed she was back at the aquatic centre bright and early yesterday morning and she was smiling then. Macca, well his voice is fading, but again he's getting on and given his vocal chords stick over the years. He still knows how to work a crowd though.

  8. Aw rats! I can't watch the clip "in my country." We're loving the Olympics. You're great hosts!

  9. I can't watch it either, dash it! I hope that at some point it will be available on YouTube since we don't have a television.


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