Saturday, 1 June 2013

Saturday Is Sale Day!

I have the greatest admiration for people who organise Charity Fund-raisers on a regular basis. Whether it is a Saturday Jumble Sale, or a monthly Quiz Night, or the Annual Folk Night…There is just so much to remember to do. One event a year is quite enough for me, thank you! My enthusiasm for the BookSale waned somewhat when the signs were mown down last week – but only a little.

People have been brilliant at donating books – there is still sorting and setting out to be done. We have a lot of willing helpers[thanks!]


But there was all the other stuff to do earlier too – buying the refreshments and sorting out the disposable cups, going to the bank to get some change for the floats, setting out tables…


Finding enough boxes to display the books, and the perspex holders for the price lists and the menus for the refreshments…


And ironing these…


I wanted to make sure that helpers were readily identifiable, and remembered I had two dozen sashes in the loft. They were from the Stewards at a big Women’s Conference I organised in 2005. I did not choose the colour, this Barbie Pink was chosen by the committee members from Washington! But at least our team members will be easy to spot! I do hope our first ever Grand Book Sale works out well.



  1. I hope it goes well for you all. Jx

  2. Hope it all goes well. I'd love to be there and I'm sure I would find a bargain or two!

  3. Good luck! I am sure you will be exhausted by the time it finishes, but I hope it does well for your cause. Given my recent postings, perhaps I should have sent you some donations!

    Hugs xx

  4. Sounds a great event- books and community and tea- what's not to succeed? Have a fabulous day x

  5. Wish I could come! Are you tempted to hoard all the good books for yourself?

    The boys' school have an annual book sale, and I get all sorts of marvelous books there. Unfortunately, the boys have a bad tendency of buying books that we've donated ...


  6. I currently have two carrier bags of kids' books waiting to leave the house - like Morgan, if I lived closer they'd have come your way!


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