Saturday, 31 May 2014


hinterland 2Did you watch this recent series – another offering from the BBC in the “subtitled-Eurocrime-drama” genre.

It was set around Aberystwyth, so the cast spoke mostly in English, with the occasional subtitles for Welsh speakers! On the whole, I found it interesting, but occasionally a little bit too gloomy! One thing Bob and I both noticed was the incredible photography, with an amazing awareness of textures. The opening credits were quite stunning. One dictionary definition of the word Hinterland is “a place far away from busy places”

I thought about this on Bank Holiday Monday when we went with Steph and Mark to the Leicester Botanical Gardens. Inside the gates we felt as if we were miles from the bustling city. The rain was ridiculously heavy but we enjoyed looking at the plants and the sculptures. I took dozens of pictures of plants, and sculptures, and their myriad textures fascinated me. I have assembled some of these into collages [thank you, Picasa!] I love these little patchworks of colour.

leics botanic gardens bh may 20142leics botanic gardens bh may 20143

botanic gardens 2

botanic garden 1

leics botanic gardens bh may 20144 

It was a lovely afternoon, rain notwithstanding, and we enjoyed our picnic lunch [eaten in the car] and we bumped into friends Dianne and Derek who were also visiting the gardens. A lovely free resource for Leicester folk!

[If you missed Hinterland, you can find all you need to know here]

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