Saturday, 3 December 2016

All's Fair...

Or is it Fayre or Faire? I think I prefer the simplest spelling...but whatever, it is our Christmas Craft Event at church today. As well as goods on sale, there will be a few make-and-take craft workshops for both adults and children
My sale goods are all packed up but I have a few other things too.
I have prepared a little woolly hat - this is my exemplar for the 'make a tree decoration' craft session.

Last time I was in Norfolk, I spent an afternoon painting jigsaw pieces [its OK, it was a 50p bargain from a CS as they couldn't guarantee all the pieces were there]

These are for the children's craft table - so they can make gift tags/hanging ornaments

The Christmas tree uses green pieces, the reindeer brown and the snowflake blue [I also painted white ones] A few Hama beads complete the decoration. I've prepared instruction sheets too [email me if you want a copy!]
 One final thing, I have put together some bags of Reindeer Noses - 8 for the regular reindeer [Maltesers] and one for Rudolph [hard candy gum-balls from the sweet-shop by Poole Quay] Not suitable for under 8s [choking hazard] but fun for adults. A well known coffee chain is selling similar ones- but at around three times the price! The label was a freebie I downloaded from the Internet

I am really hoping we get a good attendance - our profits are all going to a local charity - Coping with Chaos, which helps families of children with different disabilities and special needs. This is a brilliant parent-led group, supporting around 400 families across Dorset. They have a particular problem at the moment- the children loved to ride Elfin, the pony, who is stabled a little way away from their Centre. Sadly last week, someone stole the horse box, so Elfin's not getting about to help the children at the Christmas. How utterly mean! Just in case you happen to see it...

And if you are in Ferndown today, do please drop in to UCF anytime between 10 and 4, for fun activities, brilliant bargains, and superb refreshments - and lots of festive cheer!!


  1. I would love to come if we weren't at the end of the country!
    Do your little hats fit very tiny Innocent bottles?

  2. Looking good! I hope it goes well for you all today. The weather looks good enough to tempt everyone out this afternoon.
    Love the craft ideas! If you have puzzle pieces left over you can make a very sweet wreath from them.
    x x

  3. You are so clever, these look wonderful! I love the ideas and how bright and cheerful they are!x


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