Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Feeling In The Pink In Salisbury...

Tuesday began with my dental checkup. Following the physio appointment last week [purchase of new shoes and orthotics] I now discover I need treatment on a dodgy molar [paid the total now, with further work to be done after Christmas] I am definitely falling to pieces!
We then went to the Gift Shop at Kingston Lacy. I don't often buy fancy NT gifts for people, but this was on behalf of someone else. I loved the way that they have decorated the area round the shop. The white posts outside the Laundry have become candy striped barbers' poles, and there are many lovely wreaths, trees and reindeer to enjoy.
There was a paper chain where you could write your hopes and dreams for 2017 on a strip and add it to the garland. All very pretty. I was sorry we did not have time to meander round the house, as I have been told by friends it looks stunning inside right now

As we continued on our journey, I suddenly spotted something I had been looking for all through the summer.
Pink hay bales! 
A Dorset guy decided to raise awareness for breast cancer by producing pink wrap for the hay instead of traditional black or green. For each roll sold, a donation goes to the charity.This year, more than £18K has been raised.
And there we were, driving along, when we saw this! Bob stopped the car and I hopped out to take a picture. Better late than never.

Then on to Salisbury, and the Park'n'Ride. This is a very good, frequent and inexpensive service, and much better than trying to park in the city centre. But it was really crowded, and lots of us were standing down the centre aisle.
My knee was hurting, but as I was positioned on the step up to the rear section of the bus, I sat down on the step and read my book!
When we got off, I muttered to Bob that I wanted a badge. Liz had a London Transport one when she was pregnant which said "Baby on Board" I would like one which says "Grandmother in her sixties with a dodgy knee" Bob says I don't look like a GIHSWADK so I mustn't complain if people don't leap up to offer me a seat. 
It was surprisingly cold. We frivolously spent £3 on two warm hats in a CS. Photos will follow, at some point. 
Salisbury Christmas Market [official photo, not mine] was better than Winchester's we thought - although many of the stalls were the same people. We looked, and sampled - but didn't buy anything.
A lovely lunch in the absolutely ancient Cross Keys Restaurant which dates back to the 14th Century. "Ooh, that makes me go all goosey" said the lady at the next table. Not sure about that - but we certainly did enjoy our food.
I had forgotten to transfer my orthotics into my old lace-ups, so Bob suggested I invested in a second pair. We had to walk all round the block to get into Boots - a smash'n'grab raid earlier in the day meant the doors on one side were cordoned off! But putting the new Orthaheels in my footwear made an immediate difference.
With an added spring in my step, we walked back to the bus stop and went back to the car, then on to Maplin. Having recently found an long forgotten Starbucks card in the back of a bag, we were able to treat ourselves to drinks [and a shared Swedish Almond Bun]
I shall diet after Christmas, honest I will!
The rest of the week will be taken up with Christmas Related Church Activities, so Tuesday's Day Off was very necessary.


  1. It sounds most enjoyable though the standing with dodgy knee, not so. Good idea to sit though. I liked Salisbury when I was last there-played a concert with the Chelsea Opera Group in the cathedral.

  2. This is a frantic time for all the Professional Christians I know! I'm glad that you're getting a few chunks for time to yourselves x School is finishing early this week for me because of exam week and today coincides with Prince Charming's day off- so I might actually see the Belfast Christmas Market this year! Usually when we plan something like this, a boy crisis emerges- one hour to go...


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