Wednesday 21 December 2016

Feeling Festive

I am not very good at taking photographs of events. Many of my friends and family seem to regularly post selfies on Facebook "here we are having coffee in Costa, at a concert in the 02 arena, enjoying a walk on the beach" - I usually get so caught up in what I am doing, I forget to take a picture. But I did remember to take just a few at the Candlelight Carols on Sunday. Alison with the choir singing harmoniously, the girls [in their floaty skirts] dancing beautifully, and Bob preaching passionately. Lots and lots of visitors - and loads of mince pies!

That was Sunday. On Monday was the Open House. My puddings were displayed on my wire cupcake stand, and my retro 'things on sticks' went onto a Christmas tree [oasis wrapped in foil] Ruth ate the star from the top, and declared the cheese to be extremely good. It is the same brand of Lidl Cheddar they have at home - which just shows that how things are presented can affect our perception.
Notice the plate of homemade biscuits. I have discovered that in Poole there is a Robert Dyas Outlet  - upstairs in their little shop they sell off things which are end of range etc at greatly reduced prices. I bought a 'customised cookie stamp' for £2. 

This is still a bit of a 'work in progress' - I have tried two different cookie doughs - a premade IKEA ginger mix, and one of Rachel Allen's recipes. Thickness and the way it expands in the over do affect the final outcome.
But some of my biscuits did read 'United Church'
Unfortunately, a number of friends have succumbed to various ailments, so we did receive some last minute apologies - but we had a lovely evening nonetheless. As usual I was too busy having fun to make a record of things!!
The wrappers saved from the Tunnock's Teacakes are now enrobing the PseudoRocher Chocs, ready for Christmas and Boxing Day. 
Yes, those are recycled takeaway boxes, and no, we do not have photographic evidence of two silly women giggling in the kitchen with chocolate smeared faces. I want to market this confection properly...
A delectably nutty ganache, surrounding a whole hazelnut, cased in a crispy dark chocolate shell, and enrobed in festive foils, handmade by Mrs Almond and her daughter in deepest Dorset.


  1. I have an alternative title for your post " A Good Time Was Had By All Everywhere!"
    The chocs in boxes sound delish!

  2. Psuedo Rocher - the Minister's wife is spoiling us!!

  3. The food looks so appetizing and reflects so many aspects of the Angela I have come to know through this blog (which seems so odd as you know virtually nothing about me!). Yours is the first I read every day and I am always amazed how you manage to find something amusing, interesting, informative or creative to write about. So, a big thank you for your efforts and even though I rarely comment, I do appreciate them! Wishing you and all your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017 from Vicki in the East Riding

  4. Sounds like you've had a busy couple of days. Your homemade goodies look very yummy!

  5. 'Enrobed' is such an evocative word!!

  6. Sue, your title is better than mine, I ran out of inspiration
    Gary, missing your guitar playing, hope Kirby Xmas goes well
    Vicki, thank you for your kind words, do visit if you ever venture this far south
    Bless, you sound busy on your blog too
    Elizabeth, you appreciate how much teachers like interesting vocabulary.
    THANK YOU everyone for your comments about

  7. Wiz zeez pseudo Rocher,you are really spoiling us! Your Open House sounds delightfully welcoming and delectably catered! Wishing you a merry Christmas from a squashed to the brim Southern Rail train service!Xx

  8. Thank you never know! Vicki


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