Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Making A List, Checking It Twice...

This week I shall get round to wrapping up the gifts. I am a bit later than usual this year - but the stuff is all sorted. Fortunately I belong to a family where we show love to one another all year round, and do not measure the relationships by the amount of money spent. We try to give things which will be useful - and don't just spend money for the sake of it. But for those who have forgotten that we are now in December, and have yet to organise their gift giving, a well known online retailer has helpfully provided a list of their top selling Christmas gifts for this year. Here it is [just in case you are short of inspiration]

  1.  Instant digital camera
  2. Electric throw
  3. Emoji plush smiley pillow
  4. Cafetiere
  5. Duck Pond Game
  6. Desk Organiser with photo frame
  7. Hatchimals
  8. Loft Minimalist Rustic Water Pipe Table Lamp
  9. Digital Photo Frame
  10. Fitbit Wristband
  11. Family Tree Decal
  12. Spontuneous Game
  13. Coffee/Wine Mug
  14. Aromatherapy set for inner peace
  15. Floating Bluetooth Speaker
  16. Zoomer Kitty
  17. Himalayan Pillar Salt Ionic Air Purifier
  18. 3D Wall Clock
  19. Ferris Wheel Bookends
  20. Ozobot
  21. Husband and Wife Pillows
  22. Runaway Wheeled Alarm Clock
  23. Cutting Board
  24. Window Bird Feeder
  25. 3d Projector
  26. Colour Changing LED Nightlight with speaker
  27. Desktop organiser lamp with built in Fishtank
  28. PieFace Game
  29. All new Kindle
  30. Removable Vinyl skin for phone charger
 I have no idea what half these things are. I am not sure my nearest and dearest need or want any of them. I had to check a number of them out - look at this lot [I saw the 'wine' mug in a CS last week for 99p]
And if anyone in my family did feel a burning desire to possess a "steam punk, vintage retro, loft minimalist, rustic water pipe table lamp" I would send Bob out into the garage and ask him to create one for me - I definitely wouldn't spend £30 on it online!!
[And I should point out that the bulb isn't even included in the price]

It  strikes me that some people have forgotten what Christmas is all about !


  1. Stuff, everyone wants stuff. I asked my three adult sons if there was anything they would like for Christmas and they all said that they didn't need/want anything. Steve and I feel the same. I think we may be a bit unusual ??????

  2. Sadly, those are the things which for some people, mean Christmas.

  3. If I didn't know that list was true then I'm sure I'd think it was totally made up of random words put together!

  4. KL asked what me and J would like. I couldn't think of a single thing, until I remembered that I still haven't had 2 of her graduation photos printed to go in the carboot sale frames I picked up very cheaply in the Summer. Problem solved -two 6"x 4"photographs are just what we want!

  5. That light is truly horrible but no doubt there will be several in the CS before Easter. My family and friends love their knitted, sewn and baked treats all year round. When I asked the "what would you like" question they all said Socks or Hats. There is nothing that I want and I have all that I need, but if a ball or three of yarn turn up I would not mind at all.

  6. That is some weird list!!! I have purchased most of my gifts, most of which are wrapped but I have a few to go.


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