Monday 12 December 2016

Chaos At The Christmas Craft Centre

At some point soon, I hope to have the dining room restored to order, so we can sit and eat in a civilised manner. But the sewing machines have been whirring away like crazy over the past few days, and there have been Tree Festival Doves fluttering about, as well as silk flowers for the arrangement in church. And the overlocker, whilst it has saved hours of time as I have made a dozen or so Nativity outfits, does have the habit of shedding threads everywhere [despite my attempts to corrall the bits into a bag as I work] The floor is absolutely covered in bits
Lelaine and Rebecca are doing a dance at the UCF Candlelight Carols, and I've been drafted in to make their floaty skirts [with gold sequinned waistbands, and gold scarves] I didn't bother to photograph the innkeeper's robes and all the shepherds' tunics. But thank you to all of you who have sent messages of appreciation for my costume tutorial [and your lovely photos too] It's great to know that they can be of use to others. 
You can see how much fabric is in the dance skirts when they are laid out on the floor - the Burda pattern was weirdly asymmetric and quite a challenge to put together especially as L&R wanted 'no zip, just elastic at the waist, please' But we got there in the end!


  1. I can see that your hoover will need to come into play soon!

  2. My floor looks like that every time I sew.

  3. The skirts look beautiful!!! You are clever!! Ha, your carpet is a mess!!!x


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