Friday, 2 December 2016

November Needlecraft

With the exception of the die cut cards and pencil boxes- which aren't needlecraft, all my craft output this month has been sewing or knitting related.
And much has been preparation for the Christmas Fair tomorrow.
Lots of pencil boxes and boxes of dominoes painted and decorated
Tissue holders by the dozen
Greetings cards - some die cut, some with fluttering doves
I have made felt owls and colourful songbirds, pencil rolls, and more. Some epic failures like the clay and the lollystick bracelets - but some brilliant successes- like Rosie's Pram Liner.
I doubt that December will be very productive on the craft scene - I tend to be more in the kitchen as Yuletide approaches.
And I suspect I shall be avoiding The Birds for a bit - it's all getting a bit too Alfred Hitchcock round here, with these feathered creatures suspended all round the house, watching me! [Did you know that the original story was set in mid century Cornwall, and the birds are a metaphor for the Luftwaffe attacking London in the Blitz]


  1. You had a very productive month in November! I am afraid I haven't done anything in crafts, for some time now.

    1. But you've been very busy with other things, so don't feel guilty. I have had a lot of time sat resting my aching knee when I was able to stitch things.

  2. You have been so productive! I always adore seeing what you have been making!


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