Sunday, 4 December 2016

Pause In Advent #2 [W] W [JD]

WWJD - #1 was W for Word. #2 is W for Waiting.
I am not sure which of my friends posted this clip on Facebook this past week, but it is only 2 minutes long so do have a look. Everything has to be instant these days - order before 8pm and we will deliver it tomorrow. Don't worry if the bank account is low, tap the credit card on the machine and you can have it now
It does us good sometimes to wait for things, to save up for things, to prepare for things. Watch the clip and ponder on the benefits of this waiting time. 
Btw, in case you are wondering, the purple and pink candles are the traditional Catholic Colours, although even Pope Benedict [the one before Pope Francis] apparently opted for red and white candles. I quite like the idea of the pink-Gaudete-joy for week 3.


  1. Love that!!! I honestly don't understand it when people say they are stressed up to Christmas and worry and now I see why!!x

  2. A very timely reminder. Thank you.


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