Friday, 16 December 2016

Tart Up A Tunnock's Teacake

This is so easy and looks so effective.  Simply roll out fondant icing very thinly,  and  cut out a frilly edged circle.  Brush the top of the tea cake with a little water and apply the white icing.  Now put a little more water on the top. Add leaves and berries from a pot of sprinkles [Sainsbury's] That's it! Kirstie Allsopp eat your heart out.  
[I have saved the foil wrappers for my Pseudo-Rocher chocs] 


  1. They are brilliant!!! I like Tunnocks teacakes muchly!

  2. Those look very festive! I don't think we have those tea cakes, here, though.

    1. Tunnocks Teacakes are a special Scottish treat - website here
      They became a worldwide hit after the Commonwealth Games were held in Scotland in 2014 - and girls dressed as giant teacakes danced around the staidum! They are a round biscuit, with a dome of marshmallow on top, covered in chocolate. We also have English tea cakes which are a flat bread bun, full of spices and dried fruit, usually split and served toasted with butter.
      I am sure you would enjoy both sorts!!


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