Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Waxing And Waning

Three years ago my friend Lesley gave me a candle for Christmas. I declared it to be my Sunday Candle - and since then, have lit it when we are at home for lunch after Church, and it has reminded us to 'be the Light' in our community, and reminded us to pray for those we love who are away from us.

But reluctantly I have to admit the candle is no longer much use. Last week, I lit the candle, and another older pillar candle. Both extinguished themselves half way through lunch!
"I think you should throw them away"
"But I was going to..." 
"If you mean 'melt them down into a fresh candle' then get on and do it. Do not lest them fester in the kitchen for months"
"Candles do not fester, they wax and wane"
"Well get on with it then!"

I found a Dartington Vase [wedding present 1979] which exactly fitted the china candle plate, and the little silver wreath dropped neatly round the base. 
I took a couple of ordinary household candles, from the box in the garage along with the two stumps.

Tips for candle making

  • you must have proper wicks - household string is flameproof, so won't burn. Hence adding 2 regular candles to the mix, that gave me two wicks.
  • shave the stumps carefully as that way they will melt faster.
  • stir occasionally, fish out old wicks, matchstick ends and other grotty bits as it melts. I use a bamboo bbq skewer 
  • melt wax in a pyrex jug over a saucepan of water. That is the safest way, and I hook the handle over the edge of the pan. It makes it easier to lift out, and to pour.
  • fix your wick to the base of your mould with candle putty, blu tac or a foam sticky fixer, support it at the top with a pencil/stick/skewer or something similar.
  • pour in the wax slowly and carefully, leave undisturbed for ages 
Here are my two candles setting gently. I used a pretty jam jar for the remaining wax. The lid makes a useful saucer. Totally gratuitous picture of Martha Stewart Christmas Handtowel, which is hiding all the other clutter on the kitchen worktop.
I am very satisfied with this bit of recycling!


  1. Well done on canny recycling!

  2. You now have two new candles to light!

    You've reminded me that I've some candle stubs waiting to be recycled!


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