Sunday, 11 December 2016

Pause In Advent #3 [WW] J [D]

#1 = W for Word, #2 = W for Waiting, and really I have to have #3 = J for Jesus 
The other week we went down to the switch on the the Ferndown Illuminations. The festivities began at 1pm. The Churches had been invited to have stands [in between all the tombola stalls and food sellers] 

So St Mary's were offering a free craft table for children, and giving out chocolates and invitation leaflets. UCF were giving out free children's storybooks, invitation leaflets and candy canes. [Please do not lecture me about dental issues, I reminded every child to brush their teeth afterwards!] Each candy cane had a little story attached.

Here is a Candy Cane – always so popular at Christmas.
There is a story that the Christmas Candy cane was originally invented by a Christian confectioner who wanted to make a sweet that was a witness to his faith in Jesus.
He made some candy, bent into a J shape – J for Jesus. 
But held the other way, it is a shepherd’s crook – shepherds came to see baby Jesus, and Jesus is often called the Good Shepherd.

He made the cane from a boiled sugar – which we often call ‘rock’. Jesus is the Rock we can depend on.

The cane is striped in white for purity – Jesus was perfectly good
And it is red to remind us that Jesus died for us
The peppermint flavour is fresh – Jesus gives us the opportunity of a fresh start in life, whatever mistakes we’ve made.

I know, it is just a story, and rather contrived - but it's nonetheless a good way of explaining the basics of the Gospel Story. And sweets make the children happy. Week 3 of Advent, Gaudete - Joy and Jesus!


  1. That is a lovely story, contrived or not!!x

  2. It is certainly a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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