Thursday, 15 December 2016

Unexpected Delights

Steph's just spent a few days with us - we hadn't expected her to visit before Christmas, but it has been great having her around. On Tuesday we went to Minstead and Ringwood, and took her for lunch in BH24.  The more I sample from their menu, the more I enjoy it!
In the evening the pair of us cooked up a batch of Christmas treats from the Sainsbury's website. We used plain chocolate rather than milk. Gorgeous! We made nearly 30  - but after the obligatory sampling we had these 25 left. 
Despite every effort, I cannot get this picture to rotate

As well as much giggling together in the kitchen [I had chocolate all over my face, Bob tells me] we also began working together on my Christmas Jigsaw. This was £2 in a CS some months ago, and Steph is very good at the London Underground - we have all the stations and lines in place - now just the white pieces and the edges remain.

And finally, our mother-daughter bonding included a session with Jamberry NailWraps. Steph fixed me up with the 2nd set of wraps I had from Bob for our anniversary.
Slightly crazy, and very festive! Meanwhile Liz in London is busy planning our family Christmas lunch - she is in charge this year.
Feeling so blessed to have two such loving daughters.


  1. Time spent with a daughter is always so nice. Funny about the missing chocolate treats, I found the same with mince pies!

  2. Sounds like a lovely visit with your daughter! I'm looking forward to my daughter's visit over Christmas. :)

  3. I love this! SO glad you got to see your lovely Steph! I'm making a fleeting visit over to my Dad's on Monday to see them before we go to South Africa which I am glad to be doing!
    Your nails look aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!!! Wow!!!
    I am terrible at Jigsaw's. My friend's Mum had one recently of a bear and there were about 900 identical bits of brown fur jigsaw pieces- aghg!


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