Friday, 27 January 2017

Just In Case

When I was out at Rosie's Rhymetime Group in the Library, alongside the shelf of books for sale, I found a random basket of odds-and-ends priced at 10p each. So I purchased this cute little spotty tin suitcase and relabelled it.

I have no idea what the weather will be like in Albania this weekend. Last weekend it was a little bit chilly in Ferndown. The knitting pattern I used for the cardigan for Isla [the 18" AG doll owned by my friend] included one for a hat - so I used up a leftover ball of soft grey green yarn to make a hat and scarf.

I put the hat and scarf in the case, with clear instructions as to what to do next. My plan is to send the case back in a few weeks, containing another outfit.


  1. What a really lovely idea - your young friend is so lucky! That's exactly the sort of thing my mum would have done. 10p for a suitcase and a few scraps of wool but the thought and love you put into it are priceless. Hope you have a good trip to Albania.

  2. what a beautiful thing to do! God bless you xx

  3. What a brilliant idea Angela, sounds like this little girl is going to have so much fun with your little surprises.


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