Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sisters In Christ

Mary and Martha in a bronze stature by Annette Everett. The piece is titled "Duet". The artist says; 
A story is told in the New Testament about two sisters. Mary sat at the feet of the Saviour and was taught by Him, and Martha, who felt encumbered about with care seeing to everyone's needs. This sculpture is about the Mary and the Martha in each of us; we are both Mary and Martha. Our life is a balance of the necessary responsibilities that demand our time, and the quiet moments spent in spiritual and creative pursuits. Mary's gaze is directed upward, representing our spiritual and creative intent. Martha's gaze is directed down, earthward, her arms full of chores that must be done, focused on her duties and responsibilities. Both qualities are necessary and noble. If either part of our nature is neglected, we are incomplete and unhappy. The two figures, tied together with flowing skirts, form a single graceful whole.
When you read this, I shall be with my friend Siobhan in Albania, meeting with the women there from the Women's World Day of Prayer movement. Our strapline is "Informed Prayer- Prayerful Action" This sculpture reminds me that we must hold spiritual disciplines and earthly responsibilities in balance. 
I think it is a beautiful sculpture [thank you Jim for telling me about it]


  1. Beautiful statue, beautiful lesson, thank you.

  2. Spiritual and earthly duties....a balance of both. Well said! Beautiful sculpture.


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