Saturday, 17 June 2017

Busy Bee

Rosie is fond of sorting things out, or more specifically, emptying things out but not putting them back again. This is, I suspect, genetic. On Monday, I emptied out the bookcases on the landing, moved them checked for carpet beetles [none!] and then replaced the bookcases against the wall - but have yet to replace all the books on the shelves. 
Meanwhile Bob put all the DVDs and CDs into plastic boxes on the coffee table in the lounge, so we could check underneath their storage units - and the boxes are still there.
Liz is relatively laid back about Rosie's emptying activities- clearing the laundry basket, pulling LPs and books off the shelf etc. But Rosie's latest project is not so good - she has become inordinately fond of finding Jon's wallet and emptying the contents of that onto the floor. But Bank Cards, driving licence, Work ID Card etc are too important for her to play with. Please could Grandma supply a spare wallet?
Of course I could - and I loaded it with a few expired gift cards and business cards, plus a picture of the family. No, I didn't put any money in it! I hope Rosie likes having her own wallet and leaves her Dad's alone now!
Isn't the little bee backpack cute?


  1. The backpack is adorable.

    My youngest niece won't leave my house phone alone, so it's unplugged every time she comes to visit!

  2. It's odd but I've never had the 'pulling everything off' problem with my two Princesses but my 15month-old Great-Nephew was here last week and boy, did he make short work of my low kitchen drawers!He was like a whirlwind!Stuff strewn everywhere.I was glad when my niece took him home!

  3. That reminds me of when my son at toddler age, had an obsession with keys which got us into a spot of bother when he snaffled our neighbours door keys...long story...A friend of my granny, who had run a hotel on the Isle of Wight, heard about this, and donated the most enormous bunch of keys ever from the hotel. This kept him amused for some time! If Rosie ever develops such an obsession with keys, let me know as I still have the hotel keys hanging up!!

  4. I know that Bookshelf activity!!
    Were Rosie's Mummy and Daddy not able to supply their own old wallet? I always have one kicking around so I'm quite surprised! It is nice of you to have come up with the idea and contents to keep her amused!

  5. Oh, yes, they are very good at emptying things out, aren't they? My daughter would pull out my books, pots and pans, and once, she pulled out the contents of a box of tissues, one by one and my mother, who was minding her, let her!


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