Thursday, 15 June 2017

Objets Trouvés

There have been a number of 'found objects' round here in the past week. Looking for something else entirely, whilst in the loft, I unearthed three items connected with Liz.
From 1986,the little smocked dress I made her. It has a Peter Pan Collar, and sash ties at the back - and rows of smocking in pastel colours.
I am sure Princess Charlotte has got one like this. But I can't quite see Rosie wearing her Mum's old frock when she is 4.
Underneath is the rather large navy blue PE Bag which Liz had to have for grammar school in 1993. The size was specified, and the girl's name had to be embroidered in large letters along the front, together with a regular nametape [top left]
Look at these two examples of my remarkably neat stitching!
If blogs had been around back then, I am sure these would have featured. Look at the little circles over the i's! Liz opted out of being called 'Lizzie' soon after that - and we moved to Leicester where the bag was no longer needed for the comprehensive school she went to.
The final item is a little scrapbook from 2005, when Liz was 23. I had been co-ordinating a huge World Conference for Baptist Women In Leadership in Birmingham, and it had been a gruelling summer. Liz wisely said I needed to get away and generously took me to Budapest for a 4 day Citybreak. It was utterly fabulous, and I shall never forget all that we saw and did. Finding this little book brought back all those happy memories.

The remaining Objets Trouvés this week have not been as interesting. Sunday evening, just before church, I moved a basket and discovered these. No they are not grains of rice, they are carpet moths. And they are HORRID. They eat holes in woollen carpets. Monday was spent in clearing all the furniture from the lounge into the garden, and checking every corner and bit of skirting board and applying the eradicator. And the carpet in the hall [and pantry cupboard and understairs cupboard] and clearing and moving all the bookshelves on the landing.
It is not as bad as it might have been, but still nasty. 
Batch One of treatment came from Robert Dyas, where the assistant said they kept selling out, these moths are very prevalent right now. Batch Two was all of Wilko's stock - and the lady in there said they keep selling out too. I understand that The Stately Homes Of England generally are suffering, as these grubs munch away on antique woollen carpets.

But carpet moths are just little annoyances, and will soon get sorted. So many people in London lost everything yesterday.


  1. I thought we had problems with the ants here, but those critters look much worse! and that fire in London was just awful, no smoke alarms or sprinklers they said and so many now homeless with nothing

  2. Indeed - your ants and my moths are quite trivial in comparison to the sufferings of others.

  3. Moths, moles, both pests of different kinds, but mothballs can be used for both!
    London makes one feel very humble.

  4. We had these in my old home and they were terrible!!! So so destructive!!! We have many horrid grey tiny moths in our house and I keep having to pounce on them and squash them. I do it to about 10a day!! But yes, better than losing your life and all your belongings. It is very sad!


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