Thursday, 8 June 2017

This Is My Choice Today

Please exercise your right to vote today. It is a precious, hard won privilege.
It is also a Secret Ballot - so how you vote is a private matter.
I have thought a lot, and prayed hard about where I will place my cross. 
But this week I remembered what I blogged back in January, what I wanted for this year.

However hard it may seem, in the light of recent events, I choose these same things today...

I choose to have the courage to speak out for what is true and just
I choose to have the strength to stop and help those in need, not pass by on the other side
I choose to have the faith to say 'this is wrong, and we can work to change it for the better'
I choose to have the hope that believes things will be different
and above all
I choose to have the love that says 'OK, you are different from me in some way - but I still care about you, and want the best for you'

And I pray that those elected to Parliament today will be men and women who seek to make similar choices, whichever party they belong to.


  1. Praying for an outcome in your elections that will be the best for you and your country.


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