Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Bobblehead Jig

 It sounds like it ought to be a dance, but it isn't. It's a special bit of kit Bob made for me over the weekend.

This piece of wood has a circular slot in the top, to hold an Actimel bottle, and a tiny pilot hole in the side, so you can drill a hole in the neck of the bottle.
Eight summers ago, I blogged about the little bobblehead men we made at the Kirby Holiday Club. Then they were representing the Wise Men, who nodded sagely [the original idea came from Steph, who had made King Solomon bobbleheads with a Sunday School Class]
This year, they will be models of Jonah,who shook his head and said "No!" when God said "Go to Nineveh and preach"
I could not remember how I had made the holes last time, so Bob kindly produced the jig which meant I could drill over a hundred bottles in less than an hour, using the cordless DeWalt drill.
I stuck the compressed paper balls on the springs with a dab of glue from the hot glue gun. [Bob said that the balls on springs looked suspiciously like something from a Sex Ed. Lesson. Very rude, I said] 
I made one example of Jonah - but all the others can wait to be assembled at the Kids Club in a few week's time. A bag of cloaks and robes and headdresses are all cut out, ready to be stuck on.
When I set the ends of the springs into the Plaster of Paris, I pushed each head down into the neck of the bottle to hold things steady till it set. They will be popped up later, and I shall push the pipecleaners through.
I've found a picture of the 2009 Wise Men - it will be interesting to compare them with this year's creations...

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