Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Why Was The Cross-Eyed Teacher Failed By Ofsted?

...they said she couldn't control her pupils.

Apologies for the old joke, but eyes have been the topic of the week round here.
On Saturday Bob suddenly found his left eye was full of 'floaters' - and as this situation did not get better of its own accord, he sought medical advice.
Sunday evening he saw an out-of-hours GP, and yesterday had an early morning appointment at the Eye Clinic at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.
He was told to allow at least two hours. I took a library book and some knitting. They looked, and said the retina had a small tear - so he'd need laser surgery.

We went down to the Coffee Shop, and I purchased a newspaper in WHSmiths [the i, partly for the name, mainly because it is cheap and has a huge puzzles section]
I got into conversation with another patient, and she recommended someone local who does sewing machine servicing. Useful to know that.
I'm not sure how the laser thing works - but by 12.30 it was all done, and out he came, wearing his sunglasses.

We are Very Grateful to the NHS for their efficiency and the way things worked so smoothly.Afterwards I drove to Steamer Point at Christchurch, and we had lunch in the Beach Hut Cafe. 
Speaking of pupils, there is a possibility I may have some regular teaching work next term ... which will be brilliant. More about that later.


  1. Oh I HOPE you get the teaching job, that'd be brilliant!! I'm glad Bob is ok and that the NHS took good care of him!

  2. NHS is so good in emergency. How wonderful to hear that you might have a permanent post next term.

  3. Glad to see it all went well. Hoping the school post works out. That would be excellent

  4. Hope Bob is recovering well from his surgery. Sounds like your NHS is so much better than what we have here! I am battling with both clinics (regular medical and oncology) to get refills of my regular blood pressure medications authorized and to have my screening test referral submitted for authorization! Such a mess!


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