Monday, 5 June 2017

Putting A Brave Face On It

I cycled off to Sainsbury's for some groceries- and my pannier split when I started to load it with my purchases for the return journey. I had to carry one bag carefully over my shoulder. Fortunately I could stop off at the Church and leave most of the stuff in Bob's car - then I rode home and mended the split. It was only when I put the bag down in the hall that I realised that the fixing straps looked just like a face!
This 'seeing people' in things is called facial pareidolia.
Kezzie's very good at this!
The latest craze is too take this one step further by sticking removable plastic googly eyes on things, to improve their expression[and then sharing a picture on social media]. The term for that is eyebombing.
This was started by two Danish guys, with the aim of "bringing happiness to our streets"
They have quite strict rules, explained on their website here.
Here is a selection of eyebombing pictures I found on the net.
Have you seen any eyebombing near you - or other 'faces' in the street furniture?


  1. Ha ha, it does look like a face!! This is a sweet idea. One of my IG pals did this to her orange front door and it looks v sweet!

  2. I'm going to invest in some googly eyes for a bit of eye bombing! I love that idea!

  3. We had our grown up children (is there a word for that) with us this week end and my daughter saw a face in a blueberry, and someone said there was a term for that, which none of us could think of. That was less than 24 hours before this post. (I've now advised everyone accordingly).

  4. Glad to have helped develop your family vocabulary. I do not know the correct term for grown-up-children. I do like the idea that if sisters and brothers are 'siblings' then nieces and nephews should be called 'niblings'

  5. Now this is a craze I could enjoy!

  6. I have been wondering what to do with an excess of googly eyes in the stock cupboard at school!! (I am now responsible for stock and stationery) I bet there are lots of things in the playground I could eye bomb....

  7. I'm forever seeing faces in things! I must carry some googly eyes with me to do some eye bombing!


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