Friday, 2 June 2017

The Acid Test

A while ago, back in Kirby Muxloe I purchased a set of Silverwood Pudding Bowls from Lakeland. According to the website, they were
  • Aluminium for even heat distribution
  • Perfect for mini sticky toffee puddings or mini steamed puds
  • Pack of 4 x 175ml basins
  • Oven safe up to 260°C
I made steamed puds in them, including Xmas puds and sticky toffee puds, and even cold set desserts. No problems.
Then when we moved, they were put away with my other bakeware. Last autumn, I made some large Christmas puddings and some individual ones. 
To be honest, I completely forgot the little individual ones were still in their tins on the top of the cupboards - I fetched them down last weekend and we had them with creme fraiche.
I even dug out the plastic holly garnish. However, I was upset to discover that although the puds were fine, the basins had completely corroded.
"How long have you had them?" asked Bob."Not sure, not that long, I don't think..."
I looked on the Lakeland website to see how much it would cost to replace them.
Someone else had posted a review saying hers had corroded. Lakeland's reply was that they recommended that you should line these aluminium tins if you were using a recipe with fruit in it. I added the comment that I too had been disappointed that mine too had corroded, and I wasn't aware that I needed to line the tins. 
Within 12 hours, I received an email saying they were sorry my tins had rotted away - but as their records show I purchased them in November 2005, that sort of wear is not unexpected after such a long time, when they have been exposed to fruit acids.
Ooops! I did not realise I had owned these tins for over 11 years. I guess I have had my money's worth from them, and should not complain. And well done Lakeland for being so efficient and polite in your response, thankyou.
I have decided it isn't worth replacing them though - if I didn't use them for two years, then I can live without them. 
More decluttering accomplished!
Can I put them in the recycling bin? I don't think they are collecting aluminium cookware anymore to make Spitfires, are they?


  1. If it helps you can get the Tupperware style mini bowls. I think I have seen in John Lewis, the Co-op and Dunhelm. They might be better with fruit puddings but I was not aware that with the little mini ones that fruit would cause acid and erode them. Lakeland are usually pretty good.

    Take care




  2. Don't mention the war- we got the History result back...

  3. I'm lucky at the moment as I can age things against the children but once they grow up I think I'm going to be in the same boat x x

    1. I have realised that I date lots of things as PM and AM [pre-mortgage and after-mortgage] Like you I used to use the children's ages to date when we did/acquired things.

  4. That's a shame but nice you had a polite response!


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