Sunday 25 June 2017

Fete Accomplit!

Yesterday was our town fete. Bob was in charge of the sound system, and I was on the Churches Stand, storytelling [just like KM all over again!] 
We hired a van on Friday night and loaded it up with gazebos and speakers and more [thankyou to Geoff who helped load, and to Jim our neighbour, who let us park my car on his drive]
Saturday morning we were up very early, and took the van off to St Mary's to collect tables and chairs, and then on to the field.
An incredible team of helpers turned up to help unload vans and cars, erect gazebos, moved loudspeakers and general prepare things.
That lovely lady in the middle is Tracey, the administrator from St M's, who was brilliant at keeping things in order, and ensuring all ran smoothly.
We worked so hard all day. I cannot begin to thank all the folk from both the churches who contributed to making our stand [3 gazebos in a row] so successful.
We told stories to children, sat and chatted to people, gave away free refreshments, engaged the children with making fruit kebabs and decorating cupcakes, we provided hairbraiding and temporary tattoos, publicised our summer Kids Club, and generally just shared our faith with people.
I was so busy with all that that I didn't really get to see the other stands. I did have to dash home briefly as Bob was "two cables short of a complete sound system."  [thanks Mike C. for giving me a lift there and back, when I discovered my car was locked in] But I did get to take a few pictures during the course of the day
Mike W, Bob and Geoff - two deacons and a pastor - three Very Sound Guys in the Sound Tent.
This amazing little traction engine with trailer was giving families rides round the site. The weather was lovely and I did manage to get a 99 Ice Cream
One other fascinating vehicle was the bicycle-with-wood-burning-pizza-oven
They told me this is one of only four such bikes in the whole of Britain. An interesting concept, but something of a gimmick, I thought. 
I was prepared to overlook the American spelling of pedaling [I prefer the British way with the double l] until I noticed the alternative spelling of streched.

We had a great day, and came home exhausted [collecting a Chinese takeaway en route - neither of us had the energy to put a meal together]
As I took off my teeshirt at the end of the evening, I realised that in a relatively short time, I really have come to love this place, and my friends and neighbours here.
It is a privilege to live and work in this town,  feel greatly blessed.


  1. Agree with you completely about the Pizza sign. And is that a gratuitous apostrophe in "pizza's"? My husband had a T-shirt once with 3 grammatical errors. I don't think it was intentional but who would know?

  2. I'm so glad you had such a successful day and feel so settled into Dorset life.

  3. You are right about the apostrophe. Yes Nicky, we are settled - but it's very different from landlocked Leicestershire

  4. You are such a hard worker who gives so much to your community. Well done for a successful day!x


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