Friday, 23 June 2017

Small Miracles

This is Tatsuya Tanaka. He is an art director, and he collects 'diorama dolls' - These tiny little people are the ones used by architects when creating models of buildings they are planning, to give a better impression of the finished structure, they also use model trees too.
Tanaka's skill lies in the fact that he takes a regular sized object [e.g. a brush] and re-envisions it as a shower. He creates a miniature tableau with little figures in a tiny bathroom.

Earbuds become hotplates, and a kitchen sponge is a climbing wall.

A Starbucks mug becomes the whole shop, and some memory cards provide grand pianos for a duet

A family picnic under the broccoli, or a school sports day, hurdling over the staples

I love the idea of vacuuming up the icons for the iPhone. And the onion makes a fabulous little pizza oven

A swimming gala in a grill pan, and a child hiding under the tablecloth in the restaurant.

Finally that kitchen sponge again- this time horizontally as a desert compete with camel and palm trees...

...and to cool you down in this sweltering heat, a man waiting for his train in a snowy landscape, created with a white jacket with a metal zip.

This guy is an utter genius imho. He has been posting these miniatures daily since 2011. You can find them all here


  1. That is, INDEED, utter genius!

  2. Wow! Definitely an utter genius! Thank you for the link - I took a quick peek but will go back to look a bit more.


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