Thursday, 22 June 2017

Toilet Humour

Way back in the last millennium when I was young, my Dad and I would sometimes go to lunch in The Lamb Inn, in Norwich. I haven't been back there for years, we really should check it out sometime. 
I remember three things about it - one was the food was excellent, the second was that the prices were good, and the third was the ladies' loo.
Or more specifically, the passage that led to the ladies' loo.
You had to go through an archway, and as it was quite low, there was a sign above it to warn you.

Dad and I were always amused by it. A choice between birds - or an instruction, depending on whether it is read as two nouns or two verbs.
We've seen this sign on other low doorways since - but it's always The Lamb which comes back to mind.
Earlier this week, Bob was assembling some sandwiches for lunch, and I said there were some jars of paté in the cupboard.
He put them down on the worktop and declared "Duck Or Grouse?"
I was greatly amused- but pointed out that the choice was "Duck or Quail" [but again, it was a  noun/verb thing so the joke still worked]

Later on in the day we went out for a quick meal at a local pub which had been recommended to us. We'd both been busy and felt we needed some space.

It was very good [here, if you're interested] and the chicken and bacon 'supersalad' was excellent [I do like edamame beans]
But the decor was the sort where there are chalkboards everywhere bearing quirky sayings and bromides[such a bizarre term -full definition here]
When I went to the ladies' loo in this pub, I just had to take out my camera for this sign...

...the staff clearly follow their own advice - look at the sign stapled below! 
In other news -
I am not coping well in this heat.

  •  I tried to make a cooling fruit smoothie using my stickblender, and splattered myself and the kitchen with blackcurrant-and-banana milk. [now struggling to get purple stains out of my best white bra]
  • I explained to someone that we knew all the volunteer staff who worked at our Church Holiday Club, and that they had all been PAT tested.[I meant to say they had DBS Certificates, but it came out wrong]
  • I unloaded all my shopping, but left a pack of butter behind in the car. Fortunately Bob spotted it while it was still soft, before it turned to liquid gold.[He is wonderful]


  1. I adore Homophone/Homonym/homograph jokes!

  2. Maybe PAT testing would be good to check they were full of energy and in working order for the holiday club!


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