Friday, 1 December 2017

Back To The Past... To Consider The Future.

Blade Runner 2049 was released 8 weeks ago - and most cinemas have moved on to other, newer films by now. But it is a film Bob particularly wanted to see, having been a long time fan of Philip K Dick. PKD's novel 'Do androids dream of electric sheep?' was the basis of the original Blade Runner in 1982 [that film was set in 2019]. We discovered that the Rex Cinema, in Wareham, half an hour up the road, was doing a 6pm showing this week. So off we went.
This was a glorious experience- none of the smart features of Tower Park, Poole, or Vue Castle Mall, Norwich [the two modern multi screen complexes where we usually see films] The Rex has been a cinema for nearly 100 years- having taken over the Wareham Oddfellows Hall in 1920. You can read all about it here.
I loved the lit up sign outside, the single auditorium with scratchy red seats, the staircase lined with B&W photos of the stars of Hollywood in the 40s & 50s. There is a proper bar and you can take your drinks into the filmwith you in a real glass or china coffee cup. 
During the Pearl&Dean ads [and some endearingly sweet publicity for local businesses] you queue up at the front of the auditorium to buy your little tub of locally made premium ice cream [Purbeck Ices. Delicious. I can recommend the Stem Ginger]

After all the excitement of being there, and enjoying the atmosphere [and the ticket price - just £5 each for the over-60s] I was afraid the film might be an anticlimax. It was very clever, and a good sequel to the original. Yes there was nudity and violence [but we were warned in advance] but I am not sure you could properly portray a dystopian future without those things. 
During the 'eyeball' scene early on, I concentrated on my ice cream instead of the screen - I am a bit  very squeamish about eyes. Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and the rest of the cast were excellent. Some strangely unexplained biblical references [one character has "Galatians Syndrome" - which is never properly explained] and two women called Luv and Joi. It was an interesting exploration of what it means to be human. 
There's a good review here. Worth seeing if you like Harrison Ford, or Ryan Gosling - but be warned, you have to wait nearly 2 hours to see HF. There were some very clever lines of dialogue, but I am not giving away any spoilers. I rate this one **** [but definitely ***** for The Rex Cinema]

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  1. What a lovely cinema. We have an old cinema in Plymouth but it is a shed to be frank. I loved Blade Runner too - one of my favourite films of the year.


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