Thursday, 21 December 2017

My Knapsack On My Back

I had a fluffy lion, which I planned to give a young friend who likes cuddly toys - then I decided to add a little backpack. There's a great little tutorial here

For speed, as it is only a few days till Christmas, I made it out of felt - and embroidered her name and some stars on the back. I stuffed the backpack full of chocolate teddies, and now he is ready to go to Norfolk.
When I was younger, people talked about rucksacks [from the German, meaning 'back-sack'], or knapsacks [from the Dutch 'snap-sack'], or occasionally haversacks [from the French -an 'oat-sack'] I don't recall the word backpack being around till I was a student - in fact the OED defines a backpack as a rucksack!
Hands up if you are old enough to remember this one - the only song I can think of with the word 'knapsack' in it!


  1. Ha, ha, I am old enough to remember this song. I call them backpacks now, but my husband still calls them knapsacks. I love the clown and his own backpack, full of chocolate teddies - yum. Regards Sue H.

  2. I used to love singing this song when I was in grade school, especially the "ah ha ha ha..." Thanks for the memory!


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