Tuesday, 19 December 2017

On Yer Bike!

Very proud of my other half, who has just finished restoring a bicycle. The frame came from Jon - and Bob has refurbished it completely. I love the way he has added the leather saddle, and bound the handlebars beautifully in matching brown tape. He kept the original white/green paintwork - and even found a green water bottle [which Steph gave me a few summers ago, as I was about to drive back to Leicester from London on a very hot day] There is something so satisfying about bringing something back into use when it has lain neglected for a while. Bob worked hard to make this an authentic restoration as far as possible. A brilliant project completed successfully.


  1. It looks great! Though I can't help feeling it needs a name!!! May I suggest Bikey McBikeface 😂


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