Friday 29 December 2017

Luscious, Lovely Leftovers

The end of "Christmas Week" approaches. At which point you look in the cupboard and fridge to see what's needing to be eaten up, or you zip to the shop for "just fresh bread and milk" and return with a reduced panettone and a half price punnet of cranberries.
We've had a family meal at which I'd offered to bring the pudding.
I had everything to hand for this one already, so this is my take on Martha Stewart's "Kris Kringle Pudding"**
Quantities are flexible. This serves 6 generously. But you can multiply or divide easily! 
In a large jug, beat up 750ml milk, 3 eggs and 2tbsp sugar. 
Cut up some panettone into 2cm cubes. 
Now layer cubes with 3 tbsp cranberries (these are optional, you could substitute other fruit) into an ovenproof bowl, reserving 1tbsp cubes. Pour over the liquid. Strew the remaining cubes and half a tbsp sugar on top. [as Nigella would say] Bake at 165' for 35 minutes. 
Serve with cream, custard, ice cream, whatever. Or you can cool it, then reheat for 15-20 minutes in a moderate oven. If you freeze it, thaw in fridge before you reheat. The golden crunchy cubes, studded with jewel like cranberries looks very festive. It works with all sorts of leftover enriched breads- Italian panettone and pandora, French brioche, Jewish challah... 
I keep a carton of 'emergency' UHT milk in the cupboard over Christmas, and used some for this. It's always useful for cooking with, but I prefer fresh for my tea! 
**I ought to say that I loathe the name, and I'm not at all sure about MS's statement that "I give these as gifts, and on the tag write clear reheating info,  along with the instruction that if they do not return the bowl, they will never get any more gifts from me" 


  1. My mum has the same rule as Martha, only she phrases it in a more tempting fashion - return the bowl, get more treats!

  2. I'm using up the remains of a baguette, cut thinly , spread with butter, and becoming a Bread and butter pudding. Leftovers work!

  3. Any kind of b&b pudding gets my vote but this with cranberries sounds delicious!

  4. I'm afraid I am a complete Dessert fusspot and this is not my type of thing but I appreciate the sentiment of it!

  5. That does sound very yummy!!

  6. Love bread puddings and this one sounds very nice!


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