Wednesday, 13 December 2017

It's Beginning To Look...

..a bit like Christmas.
 We had a light lunch - note the Christmas Mugs are in use, then we fetched all the boxes down from the loft.
I put some cards on the display stands, and sorted out the decorations, whilst Bob put up the tree. He also arranged non-stop Christmas Music which added to the festive ambience!
And some hours later, the tree was done, but other stuff [the staircase garland, the chandelier decorations etc etc]  remain to be sorted.
I hope to complete it all by tonight - then I shall post more pictures...
Have you put up any decorations yet?


  1. I did the tree and the mantelpiece on Monday but ran out of enthusiasm for doing the hall and dresser. Maybe today...

  2. Good morning, no not yet but we went and got our tree yesterday from a wonderful place in Westfield, E. Sussex. Their trees are great and it smelt so wonderful travelling back in the car. We are going to put the tree up and other decoration today. I still love the excitement of it all. Regards Sue H.

  3. My one token decoration is up!

  4. We have a new tree this year, well new to us anyway, it was my daughter in laws parents, but given to us last year. At 6 foot it's the biggest tree I've ever had and took a lot of baubles. Most of my tree trimmings have special memories, made by the boys when they were at school or from my childhood in the 50's. The fairy on top is 66 years old and almost bald, poor soul, but just as beautiful to me. Have fun x


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