Tuesday 5 December 2017

Pedal Power

I feel very strongly about the need for better provision for cyclists. I am pleased that there are more and more safer cycle routes in London these days. Liz, Jon and Rosie cycle to work at UCL each day. We've noticed that recently they have been frequently filmed on their commute. Last week someone posted a clip on Twitter entitled 'Spot The Baby' - there they are at about 1minute 7seconds in!  
And here's "I took some videos ...yesterday, so here's peace and quiet enough for a baby to ride home in!" from last summer.
0:10 / 0:25
How many more such films does Rosie need to appear in before she qualifies for an Equity Card?


  1. Goodness, more bikes than Cambridge!
    I used to cycle with two children on my bike - that would have caused a sensation!

  2. What a fabulous cycle path. Thanks for sharing.


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