Saturday, 16 December 2017

Forest Festival

It finally all came together
The ladies knitted the squares [about 600 in the end]
Bob made the frame, and Carol and Val helped me cover it
And finally Barry took the seat sout of his people carrier, and helped us transport the tree to St Martins for their Tree Festival. The first festival in 2016 attracted 18 trees, last year it was 23, this year it was 30 - and the trees were down both sides of the chapel, up the centre and in the Hall at the back. 

Churches, Schools, Clubs, Local Charities...all came and decorated their trees- some real, some fake - and one woollen.
Handmade decorations from the children, symbols of faith, winter wonders, charity themes - it was a riot of colour.

Click on the collages to see some of the details.

But I am unashamedly biased - I loved our tree, with the Knitivity alongside, best of all. It received a lot of comments - and at least one other group locally are considering doing their own 'blanket tree' in 2018.
Thank you to all my dear friends- near and far, who made this possible. Some church folk, some friends and neighbours locally, and some followers of the blog - your squares were gratefully received - what a variety of shades of green too!
In the New Year, ! hope I will have pictures of blankets for you.
I've already been asked what we are doing next year. Well, there's an idea dancing around in my head  even now, but I am not saying anything till it comes into proper focus!


  1. What a splendid effort from all involved. Well done and so gratifying to think what lovely snuggly blankets they will make.

  2. That is a really, really neat tree, Angela. Good job!

  3. This is wonderful! I just had to track back having read today about the snuggly blankets you made with the squares for sending to Romania x


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