Friday, 8 December 2017

What's For Dinner?

The experts have been busy predicting the new food trends we should be expecting next year - the BBC have a helpful one minute clip whisking us through the new menu. 
There's 'fusion food' - anyone for a croissushi [how do you even pronounce that?] the light, buttery pastry of the archetypal French Breakfast - wrapped round Oriental rice, seaweed and fish.
Or how about pasta donuts - eggs, cheese and pasta combined in an easy-to-hold snack? 
Maybe Homer Simpson might like these, not sure I would
Vegan food is set to become more mainstream - here are taco shells made from carrots!
We are told that the Millennial Generation are more concerned about what they eat [some of them anyway] and shun their parents addictive caffeinated brews for 'healthier' alternatives like mushroom coffee. That is not a trend which will catch on in this family, I am sure!
Other unusual ingredients include activated charcoal black martinis,  which allegedly "grabs all the toxins in your body, and helps them find their way out" Yeah, right! Just eat fibre rich baked beans, on slightly burned toast for the same benefits!

The trend I am happiest about is the one to encourage people to make more meals from foodstuffs they would otherwise waste. But I am not clear as to why that is 'new for 2018' - haven't people been doing this for ages?

This is a good place for me to include a seasonal tip sent anonymously to me this week, about recycling mince pies; Make a mince pie fridge cake
Fridge Cake Recipe
300g dark chocolate 4 chopped mince pies 1 orange zested 50g of pecans roughly chopped. 
  1. Line a 20cm x 20cm tin. 
  2. Melt half the chocolate and when melted pour into the bottom of the tin, put in the fridge to set. 
  3. Melt remaining chocolate add mince pies, orange zest and nuts, stirring gently so it does not turn to mush. 
  4. Pour over the layer of chocolate, then return to the fridge to chill until firm. 
  5. Turn out onto a chopping board with chocolate side facing up and cut into 12 squares.

Thank you 'unknown' for this one - it sounds delicious!


  1. Hmm. Not sure this will be a house for any food trends at all! It's the plastic discussion that's top of my thinking.

  2. I was surprised the other evening while watching that a new trend of using leftovers to create new meals is really catching on!!
    Who knew I've been such a trendsetter all these years!
    Love your blog,
    Blessings from Ontario, Canada,

  3. Uhrgh, the thought of mushroom coffee is actually making me practically wretch on the train! Urgh!! These all sound weird and strange including the mince pie cake! I'm not a fan of Mince pies!

  4. I'm not sure I'd like any of the new foods, myself!


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