Monday, 4 December 2017

"Right" Said Fred...

"Both of us together 
One each end and steady as we go."
Tried to shift it, couldn't even lift it
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea …
I have always been fond of this Bernard Cribbins song. It came to mind this week as I watched Geoff and Bob moving the Christmas Tree. 
Bob constructed the wooden frame in the back garden, and I drew a semicircle on the front drive with string and chalk, as a template for the chicken wire.
Then we put it all together in the lounge, and I made the green felt cover, and pinned on a few squares for effect. Then we realised I'd need to open up the seam and insert a zip, so we could sew on all the squares and then put the cover back on. Carol and Val came round on Friday afternoon, and we sewed strips of squares around the tree.
Over 400 on the tree, and more than 100 left in the box. After Christmas that's going to make quite a few blankets for Romania .
Saturday afternoon, I cleared a space at the front of the garage.
After removing the side gate, Geoff and Bob carried the tree - 6 foot in the air - down the narrow side passage to the front of the house, and put the tree inside the garage. I am really sorry I never got a picture of that part of the story. Perhaps Mags' Boys could recreate this event in Lego for me?
Barry will arrive with his people carrier [sans seats] and help us transport the tree to St Martins this afternoon . Once there we will replace the cover, and festoon the tree with lights, and stand the Knitted Nativity [Knitivity?] alongside.
The Festival begins on Wednesday morning. Expect more pictures of more trees then!
This project has involved an awful lot of people - my friends are always so willing to help despite my ideas being so off-the-wall! Thank you everyone.


  1. What a lovely tree and the squares will make a lot of blankets for needy people. Wish I lived nearer to see it.
    Hazel c uk

  2. I love the concept of the knitted squares tree!

  3. Will it still be there on Monday?

  4. Lynn, by Monday it will be on show at OUR church. So you might get to see it!

  5. The tree looks amazing. will you be decorating it with knitted baubles?

    1. Just white lights- with a knitted Nativity alongside. Pictures to follow shortly.

  6. Oh it looks so effective Ang!! Well done! You have done so well! And the best thing is that they have a very worthy post-Christmas use!!!x


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