Thursday, 2 June 2016

Taking The Plunge!

Throughout my teaching career, I've known many children whose homelife was stressful, whose parents found it hard to cope - to juggle employment and childcare, to manage on benefits, and were unable to help their kids with schooling because their own basic education had been so poor. 
This part of the country has been in the news recently because nearby Sandbanks is the most expensive seaside town in Britain. At the other end of Ferndown you will find real social need. Some friends of mine run a project there- the Bus Stop Club. It is located behind the wonderfully named 'Hope Church'. The BSC helps those families who are struggling with life.

These are their aims
to offer support and a listening ear to parents, families, individuals and young people living in Heatherlands. Where appropriate, to signpost families and individuals with specific needs to local support services.

to facilitate quality family-time activities for parents and primary school children, and to offer support with homework for older children.

to promote healthy family and community relationships through providing parenting workshops, practical advice / support for healthy eating, improving adult literacy skills, building self confidence, and in other areas in response to specific needs.

Just up the road from my house is St Mary's Church. It has glorious rhododendron bushes, a new coffee shop, a great ministry team...and a tower. I am a grandmother in her sixties, who is less than 5 feet tall, and who hates heights. But because I believe in what the BSC are doing, I am going to abseil from the church tower on July 16th as part of the Club's fundraising efforts. I have never abseiled before [and may never do so again!] and I need to raise at least £100 in sponsorship. If you could spare just a quid or two, I'd be incredibly grateful. Thank you. [as yet, I am still waiting for Just Giving to get the page sorted out. I will post a link as soon as I can!!]


  1. Good for you§§ I abseiled many years ago and loved it. The most difficult part was the start buit after that it was exhilerating! I would do it again if my knees allowed me. When your page is up I'll sponsor you!

  2. Of course I'll sponsor you, what a brave thing you are doing (I'd be terrified!) Send me details when you can.x

  3. You are very brave, and I will certainly donate.

  4. Count me in .....will follow through when details are displayed and, WELL DONE for even thnking about it.

  5. Not only will we sponsor you but we will come and watch (work schedule allowing) to cheer you on.


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