Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Beautiful Soup

Andy Warhol's painting of a soup can in 1962, was among his most famous artworks. I've always been more of a Heinz girl myself. Thick, creamy tomato soup is very comforting on a cold blustery day. 

In her excellent book Tin Can Cook, [see here] Jack M gives a vegan recipe for cream of tomato soup. I made it last Saturday, it is very easy and surprisingly tasty.
It needs the absolute minimum of storecupboard ingredients too.
200g drained, rinsed tinned carrots
400g tinned tomatoes
½ 400g tin of coconut milk
1 stock cube
black pepper

1- blitz the carrots and tomatoes with a blender till smooth, pour into saucepan
2- stir in coconut milk, and crumbled stock cube.
3- cook on a low heat for 15 minutes to meld the flavours together DO NOT BOIL
4- when ready to serve, blast on high heat for just one minute, serve piping hot.
Add pepper to taste [we felt that we needed a little salt too]
A dollop of yogurt and parsley made it look a little more classy. With a slice of bread it made a satisfying light lunch.
For our evening meal that day, I decided to be clever and use up the other half can of coconut milk. I had some vegetarian chili and I thought it could be accompanied with some dumplings. I remembered I'd made Jamie's Dim Sum dumplings quite successfully a few years back. Epic fail this time! They were like stodgy tennis balls. 
We ate them anyway. 
I shall make this soup again sometime. The recipe says "Serves two heartily" - we had one third each, and the remainder is now in the fridge. Here's Gene Wilder, another soup aficionado. My Dad used to recite this poem during my childhood whenever we had soup for tea.


  1. Thank you for sharing that soup recipe, Angela. We might be needing to rely on the pantry cabinet for our meals for an extended period of time, in the near future (though, hopefully, not!) so, recipes like that are welcome. I shall add cans of tomato and carrots to my next shopping list (I've plenty of coconut milk). :)

  2. I forgot to say. Jack says this recipe will serve two generously. We each had a medium sized bowl for lunch and that was about two thirds of it. The remaining third I thinned a little with milk, and that gave us a mugful each for Sunday night supper.

  3. Mmm, sounds nice!!! I like soup very much! Very rarely do I eat just tomato soup though!

  4. The recipe sounds really good. I've had it in mind to buy a copy of this book for a while..and now I have!


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