Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Lean On Me...

I I must say this before I forget...lots of people have started following this blog via Blogloving recently. Hello, and welcome. Thanks for joining.
We had two butternut squash. Bob stood them on the worktop. Immediately the little one leaned over onto the big one.
It just looked so sweet that I had to take a picture.
Apart from sharing my Handwash Song I haven't really made much comment here about the coronavirus.But these two vegetables have got it right. One is strong, the other in need of support. Now I know we are supposed to avoid physical contact- no hugging or handshakes for the time being etc. But that does not mean we are absolved from helping the weak - or asking for help if we ourselves need it. 

Practical things you might be able to do

  • telephoning friends to check they are ok - we're keeping in touch with the OAPs connected to our church. Some of them are avoiding their regular social groups like Lunch Club because they are afraid of catching the virus. A phone call is a good way of making sure all is well, and checking if they need anything.
  • donating some cans to the foodbank. Many more people will be using them, if they are unable to work for one reason or another. This situation is going to hit the poorest people really hard.
  • encouraging people who are scared. I've met a number of young mums in recent weeks who are really concerned. Even though the virus does not seem to affect children in a serious way, mums are worried about being unable to keep their families safe. Listen, and do not belittle their genuine anxiety, born out of their love for their offspring, and feeling things are beyond their control.
  • being supportive of the nhs who were already under pressure before all this started [I am astounded by the news from the Royal Bournemouth Hospital that people are stealing the hand gel from the wards. This is the stuff that medical personnel need to use before they treat your sick granny, folks. Leave it alone.]
Yes, do the handwashing thing, thoroughly and repeatedly. No, don't take all the loo rolls/pasta/paracetamol on the shelf - leave some for the other people. Be sensible and safe. 
Elizabethd, over at Small Moments has posted about her situation. She is a wise, and loving woman, and has adapted her lifestyle to meet the crisis. She ends her post with these words 
"We can only do what we feel is right for us. And continue to pray rather than panic"
Well said, my friend. 


  1. I'm afraid this is a situation where the worst as well as the best in people is shown. I find it hard to beleive some of the stories of greed and selfishness.
    I do like your vegetables!

    1. Let us pray for more GOOD, KIND behavious, and less greed and selfishness.

  2. Amen, amen, amen. That has always been my favourite GNB illustration, right from when I was given my first copy as a girl. Thank you, Ang. Apparently the WHO has said that there are two battles, one against the virus but the other against the effects of social media. I think the fear battle is worse.

    1. You're right- I just came across a piece online about false news stories which are all over facebook about Do Not Take Ibuprofen, as it 'feeds' the virus and will make you more sick. It is playing into people's fear as you say

  3. Excellent advice! I love the squash analogy !

  4. That's a cute picture of the squash! Good tips and advice, Angela. These are the times that bring out the best and the worst in people.

  5. Very cute picture - and well said. My church (where I work) she down this morning. We've been slowly closing down programs for the past week but today the Province declared a "State of Emergency" and that was it. It's supposed to be until March 30th but most of us think it's going to be at least April 13th before we are back. The city is almost completely shut down now.
    The last thing I posted to our electronic sign was "Be Kind - Be Generous - Be Safe".

    1. Shutting down all the church programmes/worship services is not an easy decision, but it is probably the rght one

    2. We didn't get any choice in the matter - all religious gatherings have been ordered to close down. We are trying to keep in touch via email, phone calls and live streaming.

  6. The butternut squashes are rather touching! Yes, let's help each other!! I went to Romford on my way home today to take 5 black pots back to Lush (and to get some face cream, deodorant and a shampoo bar as our one is getting skinny!) and I decided to nip into Sainsbury's to see if I could get some fresh fish in my container (I couldn't- they only had plastic-clad fish- I bought a massive expensive Salmon piece in plastic- I can afford it so I just bought it, even though my plastic-hating side was screaming!). I also bought 8 loose satsumas. On impulse as I cycled to the station, I saw a homeless man and I asked him if he'd like a couple of satsumas (homeless people are, I presume, extremely vulnerable- extra Vitamin C wouldn't go amiss.) He gave me a really happy smile and said yes please and it made me feel happy. My first part of my annual Ecoleaf toilet roll delivery arrived today (it's been a year since I bought those 45 rolls and lamented what I thought was a box full of polystyrene pieces!) so I hope I can drop a pack of 9 toilet rolls off to the church foodbank at the weekend & have another on standby for anyone who is desperate)
    I've talked about praying to many, many people over the last two days- keep praying, praying, praying and wash your hands! Small things but positive!x


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