Monday, 16 March 2020

It Only Cost Ninepence!!

"As a future knitting project, I'd really love a little navy collared cardigan for Baby" said Steph and sent me a picture [top right]. So I looked through my patterns, and found one that came from my dear friend Brenda - a lovely lady who died last year. I ignored the stripe and the embroidered ship's wheel. And did the collar and ribs in moss rather than garter stitch.[bottom right] All done and dusted in time for the Baby Shower.
Good old Patons, always  really reliable patterns. But this one is at least 50 years old- it originally cost 9d [in pre-decimal currency] I enjoyed doing it, and have now re-written the pattern in a smaller size, so hope to knit another one...


  1. You did a great job knitting that! It looks just like the one in the picture Steph sent you!

  2. It's lovely, Angela. Good job on the adaptations and navy is always such a great classic colour for babies. Our new baby will be being delivered next Sunday if he/she doesn't make an appearance beforehand of his/her own volition. I hope the baby shower goes well. Be well. x

  3. I remember knitting a similar one for my eldest son....who is now 59! Lovely colour.

  4. Do they do ones for 39 year olds? That's a super cute cardie!!! You are clever!x


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