Sunday, 15 March 2020

Lent Inspirations #3 - Have Great Dreams

Last week, Bob and I attended a day conference organised by Mental Health First Aid UK. It was aimed at church leaders, to enable them to assist people with mental health issues to find the right support. I was very impressed by the whole event. 
One thing that was mentioned was the Action For Happiness movement, and their simple suggestion for 10 keys which make for happier living. 
This is neatly summed up in the acronym GREAT DREAM. Here's the graphic from their website
Very simple, but nonetheless a useful and inspiring chart to help a person make their life a little happier.
We all need a GREAT DREAM


  1. That we do! Thank you for posting this, Angela.

  2. Now that's twice in two days Action for Happiness has crossed my path....!

  3. Right now, everybody needs some extra happiness

  4. OH Ang, this is wonderful and YES, what we need!!! May I please share this on my blogs too (my Kezzie one and my school one?)x


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