Friday, 27 March 2020

We'll Meet Again - And We'll Eat Again

I am so glad that yesterday's clip of Mrs Beamish made so many of you laugh! I've had comments on the blog and messages off the blog. Don't forget to support the Orpheus Trust if you decide to share it.
Happy Birthday to Dame Vera, 103 last week. She has urged us all to 'keep smiling and singing'
I was talking to Liz and she said "I am using my Marguerite Patten cookbook"
I think she has this one. I've felt reassured to realise that both my girls are eating sensibly and making good use of their resources in these bizarre times. I've dug out my collection of Wartime Cookbooks as well. 
Useful ideas for nourishing meals from limited supplies.
Sorry Jamie, your current show isn't hitting the spot for me. There was so much fresh produce in those recipes. And for families who do not usually cook from scratch, there's unlikely to be yeast in the cupboard, or a pot of fresh basil on the windowsill**. And personally I do not like chili in everything.
I'm enjoying Jack Monroe's daily 5pm tweets though - she's ace![#JackMonroesLockdownLarder] and my TCC book is also useful at the moment. Check out her soup recipe [here] JM really gets it when it comes to making tasty meals with random ingredients
Liz is producing a sourdough loaf and homemade soup every day.
Here is one of Liz's loaves. It looks like it will taste delicious. She says she uses this recipe from Breadmaker Par Excellence, Dan Lepard. I cannot believe that it is eleven years since the girls met Dan Lepard at a Guardian Cookery Event. I may have a try at that loaf sometime. The breadmaker is useful, but the exercise of mixing and kneading would be good for me! 
Here's my Marguerite Patten cookbook, a rather special edition, as you can see! 
I've made a cake, as a special treat, and will post pictures once it is iced. We've cut right back on desserts, biscuits and cake since last week. Both losing weight and feeling better for it - hoping to get back to a size 12 again very soon!
I do hope that wherever you are, you are able to get the foodstuffs you need. 
Kind friends who are doing deliveries- don't forget that rather than saying "Let me know if you need anything" it is more helpful to say "I'm just going shopping, is there anything you need?" Many people are hesitant to ask someone to go out just for them - but feel more comfortable asking when they know the person is going to the shops anyway. 


  1. We'll Meet Again is one of my favorite songs! I remember one time when the family gathered to see one of my uncles go off to Australia - he didn't want to say Goodbye and sang We'll Meet Again. I think we were all in tears at the end of the song (he passed away before we could meet again).

    1. It is a very emotionally charged song, I agree

  2. Had to think about Isabella for a moment!
    Basil is my faourite herb.
    Dont we all have windowsills full of fresh herbs???
    I have a bay tree in the garden and some rather miserable Thyme in a pot. That's it.

    1. I have a small area with mint, sage and rosemary. My thyme died!

  3. I'm not eating as much, generally, but Mr FD is still eating as though he's about to go for a 60km bike ride!! I still don't seem to be losing much weight though...Maybe it's the fct that, in trying to support our new neighbours in the restaurant-turned-takeaway we're eating a bit too much of the unhealthy stuff. Their pizzas are delicious (very thin base) and we had a good burger-and-chips on Thursday! But we do want to support them as they'd only been open for less than a month before this struck!

    1. Impressed about the bike rides, and it's good you are supporting a local business

  4. I agree with you that I think Jack Monroe would have been a much better choice as a presenter for right now - I love Jamie but he's a chef and lives in another world from most folks - especially right now.

  5. That's great on losing weight if you wanted to do that! I'll be super pleased if I can send you the Cath dress. I wanted to send it to someone I really like! After you said that, I weighed myself today and I, too, have lost weight. I was about 9 stone 6 lbs which I haven't been for a while- I was lurking around 9stone 12 to 10 stone. Not sure how I feel about this! I've got a massive pile of clothes to clear out that don't fit me anymore (or I just decided I had too many). I haven't felt hugely hungry since losing my taste and smell so that could be why I've lost some weight.
    I hope you enjoy your cake. I decided to order a nice-looking chocolate cake from the milkman which will hopefully arrive on Tuesday with our milk order. So grateful for that!
    How are you feeling now? Are you getting better?
    Good on your girls for eating healthily. I am in the middle of making dinner- Linda McCartney Mozarella burgers together with roasted parsnips (they are the free ones from church 2 weeks ago), an old potato roasted and free kale from the school garden. I'm really excited to eat the Linda McCartney as haven't eaten anything vaguely meat-like for a week since our last Thai takeaway! Even if I can't taste them, here's hoping they somehow get through my no-taste to let me feel something from them!
    Good ol Vera! She's a great lady. xx

  6. Thank you Kezzie. I wanted to lose weight, I just hadn't expected it to be this way! The loss of taste thing does affect appetite doesn't it. We're going to investigate if any of our local takeaways are still operating and doing deliveries this weekend as a treat


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